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Riley’s Travels

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Just finished reading ‘Be More Dog’… truly inspiring and meaningful for us. Jerry’s story will always be remembered by anyone reading about his adventures and spirit. Story has special meaning for us in that we also travel in RV with Riley .. sticker on our rear window says ‘You .. Me .. and the Dog ‘. Knowing surgery was in our future .. we wanted Riley to have as many ‘dog adventures’ as we could .. ie .. swimming in Atlantic Ocean (Surf City NJ) .. Gulf Coast panhandle .. (found a beach called Paw Beach where dogs can run free).. recently returned from a trip to Canon Beach Oregon .. another beach where dogs can run free… We were in no rush to get back home .. knowing we would be scheduling her surgery appt. We made our own adventures along the way.
As mentioned in previous post .. Riley has had surgery .. doing well .. stitches out .. has an appt in a few weeks with Vet CCRT .. A concern we have is that she seems ‘depressed’ .. for a previously very active Cattledog .. she now lies down most of the  day .. only getting excited when we go out (and when UPS driver appears) !  Hopefully she is just going through post op feelings .. surgery was Nov 19th … When she is up .. she walks .. climbs steps .. so we know she is recovering well .. We are still checking Tripawds website/blogs/forums in search of advice and tips from other ‘parents’ … Thanks again to Rene and Jim for setting up website and sharing their story !

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4 thoughts on “Riley’s Travels”

  1. Such a great real life “review” of Be More Dog. I know Jim and Rene will be touched to know your are giving Riley so many great RV adventures.
    Is Riley still on any pain meds?? Often dogs need a low dose for several of weeks after stitches are out. She may still have pain from maybe a tweaked miscle, sore joints, etc as she adapts to three.
    Having the Rehab appt should really help too!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Thanks .. Sally and ‘Crew’ … for your thoughts .. In hindsight .. I think you are right … I took Riley off Gabapentin too soon .. after surgery, dosage called for ‘every 8-12 hours or as needed’ .. by the time stitches were removed .. pills were gone…. Primary vet refilled prescription (100mg) .. so we’re going to continue dosage for another 1-2 weeks at least. Although Riley seems to getting around pretty good ..she still pays quite abit attention to missing limb area .. .. twinges …. ichy .. ?? Hopefully Gabapentin wlll help us out … Take care .. Have a good day !

  2. Awww what a story! I just had a chance to catch up on blogs and am so glad I found yours today. How is Riley doing? We would love to hear more about her road trip!

    I’m hoping that the CCRT will help figure out how to help her get her sparkle back. Healing takes time and energy, so it’s not too unusual for a dog to still be mellow soon after surgery. Try to keep things dialed down until her therapy appointment and see what they say. Meanwhile, you may want to ask about a higher Gabapentin dosage, that’s pretty low even as a maintenance dose for a dog her size.

    Also consider hopping into the Forums and chiming in so we can get to know you two better! I love that you are also RVers as well.

    And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your review of the book. We are deeply honored and so happy you enjoyed it.

    1. Hi ‘Jerry’ … Thanks for response and info … Reading about your (and your parents) adventures helped us alot . As you can imagine .. we are ‘winging it’ with Riley’s recovery … doing as much research as we can as well as getting different opinions. Hopefully CCRT vet will fill in some blanks. When Riley was discharged after surgery .. we left we 300mg Gabapentin (20 pills) .. 200 mg Cefpodoxime (7 pills) and 100mg Rimadyl (7 pills) … after getting stitches out .. our primary vet recommended additional Gabapentin (100mg / 28 pills) in that she thought Riley may be experiencing some ‘phantom’ leg pain .. we agreed in that she seems to ‘licking’ surgery area quite abit .. guess that could be .. removal of stitches .. itchy scar area … hair growing back .. or .. getting twinges from nerves involved in the surgery ?? Unfortunately …. Riley has been on alot of prescription drugs since her accident… actually last year we brought her to an internal medicine specialist who took her off all meds she was on at the time .. stopping the meds helped alot … but .. gradually we started on Pred again due to leg swelling not responding .. We have been giving her CBD oil for over a year .. thinking that might help alleviate any internal issues she might be having. I would like to think CBD will eventually replace the Gabapentin. Two weeks till CCRT appointment .. anxious to discuss Riley’s progress… She is doing well .. will now bring us her frisbees/balls and wants to play .. progress for sure ! Still needs some helping going up steps .. but .. she always wants to try. Recently received our Ruff Wear harness to help her on steps. Still working on weight loss .. losing 7 lbs since pre surgery … need to lose more for sure ..

      Riley has been traveling with us since we purchased our small motorhome .. (we are both retired) loves to look out windows .. bark at trucks and sit on wife’s lap as we travel.. Wife is especially glad she is losing weight … 50 lbs on your lap can be abit much ! A few weeks ago we returned from West Coast trip .. to visit some family as well as add to our ‘adventures’… Riley got to watch hot air balloons at ALBQ Hot Air Balloon Festival .. (she was not too impressed) .. visit White Sands National Park in New Mexico to run up/down sand dunes .. and run on wide open beaches and splash in the Pacific Ocean at Canon Beach Oregon …. Wanted her to run on beaches and splash around in ocean because we knew surgery was coming .. and we weren’t sure how surgery/post surgery would impact her life/mobility … but .. now .. post surgery .. we can see her getting better .. and she will eventually be able to do everything she did prior to surgery .. just a little slower !

      Thanks again for your thoughts … will post an update after CCRT visit .. Hope CCRT works out .. because there seems to very few in our area (will be traveling over an hour for our visit) .. Take care … Enjoy the Holidays ! Paul/Terri and Riley !

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